Windows 7: Two simple problems waiting for fix

Daily we use Windows 7 to work, and 2 little thing turns bigger when you use this many times in a day:

1 – Windows Explorer: Keyboard doesn’t work immediately: When you press Win+E to open explorer, will need click on some local to start use the explorer:

Windows Explorer of Windows 7

Windows Explorer of Windows 7

Solution: Just put some start point, we think in Library is the most interesting, or better! let the user decide where they will start. Once create a start point your keyboard will obey, for example: if you want access the music folder you just need do: “win+e” and, when the explorer is open, you type “m” and you’ll be in Music folder:

Windows 7 - With Start point

Windows 7 – With Start point

2 – Cad Screen (Crtl+Alt+Del) in conflict: Is just that, a conflict when we use shortcut “alt”, we see that have two functions with the “t” letter (in pt-BR version), is just a little change, maybe “g” for task manager like in Windows XP

windows 7 - Cad Screen

windows 7 – Cad Screen

We waiting for you microsoft :)

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